African Indigenous Music at Sibikwa

Sibikwa offers training in a variety of African instruments ranging from Marimbas, drums, uhadi and umrhubhe, kudu horns, shakers and other small percussion instruments.

From 2010 – 2012 Sibikwa had an indigenous orchestra that specialised in all the above mentioned instruments. They performed at public, private and cooperate events as well as various festivals.

The Orchestra has played in Sri Lanka, Germany, Holland and the U.K. to critical acclaim and have recorded a CD. Sibikwa continues to offer lecture/demonstrations to schools on African indigenous instruments.

Sibikwa Arts Indigenous Orchestra CD

The Sibikwa Indigenous Orchestra consisted of young, vibrant musicians that played 18 different kinds of African indigenous musical instruments, sang, danced, did lecture demonstrations, and workshops. The Orchestra appealed to all music lovers who appreciated a deeper understanding of South Arica's diverse music and cultural expressions.

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