Fire away!

Meet Mam’Phyllis.

She is the Artistic Director of Sibikwa Arts Centre, wants to connect with you. Throughout the years, she has become a walking arts encyclopedia and she wants to make her knowledge accessible to you with just a click away. So, go ahead, ask Mam’Phyllis anything regarding vocational training, arts administration, touring, and fundraising and she will personally answer you. She is offering you her expertise, free of charge, so go ahead, take advantage!

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3 comments on “Fire away!

Hi Phyllis, I would just like to ask. Do you think the SA-EU conference brought the neccessary changes that community arts centres need?

As it stands the progress has not been as fast as I would have liked. The wheels of government turn very slowly. It seems as if community arts centres have at last become part of the agenda for culture in cities and DAC is working on a position paper leading to a policy implementation programme to bring CAC’s to the attention of SALGA COPTA and other departments. As usual, we can only hope and in the interim do as much as we can to further the progress of CAC’s in SA.

From Mam’Phyllis

Hi Phyllis

What is your greatest achievement in the performing arts industry?

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