International Relations

Shukuma Mzansi! A project made possible by the SA-EU Strategic Partnership – the Dialogue Facility which contributes to the strengthening of relations between the European Union and South Africa. In partnership with the Department of Arts & Culture and the SA_EU dialogue, Sibikwa was able to initiate a project that would yield a network of optimally-functioning and policy driven Community Arts Centres that have the capacity for sustainable delivery of appropriate services and programes.

The Shukuma Mzansi! project consisted of three segments: a pre-conference study tour by South African delegates to Ireland, Flanders and France; a pre-conference study-tour by EU delegates to South Africa and the International Conference on Community Arts Centres.

The Shukuma Mzansi Conference, enabled the South African community arts centres to share their experiences on capacity building, programming, innovative sourcing of funding and policy implementation with their European counterparts and vice versa.